Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No art from me today, only a glimps of art for the future now because I'm french I can never remember if there is an e on the end of the word futur.I catch hell from both sides meaning my spelling in either language is not impecable. Although I love words and literature but I spelled literacy with 2 t's isn't that a pun
my mother thought that was hilarious
I think it's spelled with 2 t's in french
these children are going to kindergarden with my daughter next fall and I was giving a demonstration on making colors.They loved it !
They all made blackish purple mud Great fun!


Ed Maskevich said...

Amber, no need to be apologetic for the e. You are multi-lingual, how wonderful! I am not, that is sad.

amber said...

ed i googled your blue dome gallery and I think you are the best artist there.The size and bold colors are awesome

Ed Maskevich said...

Thank You Amber, I appreciate it. You make me blush. And for someone who says she is just starting out, you are pretty bold and gutsy yourself. Your work is already very good. In a short time it will be amazing. Keep it up.

KJ said...

I'll ditto Ed's words... and add that I remember well the kitchen studio I had when my kids were little. It's a wonder I didn't poison them! And (much) later, when my son stopped by to pick up his 3 yr old daughter and noticed that an abstract painting of mine, propped on the hearth, had pencil marks scribbled all over it. "Did Paige do that?" he shouted with alarm... no, no I assured him... those are my marks! Well... who would know?