Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm new at blogging
Here is a little info on myself
35 year old female living in NB Canada
mom of four cute kids and totally in love with art every free moment spent studying looking at blogs and older artist as well.
Guess i forgot to mention i'm an artist as well , my web page can be found on heronbaygallery@canada.ca

my interest really lies in decoding ar reading I might say contemporary art
I became tired of trying to figure out if some art was good or not and decided there had to be a way of knowing for sure
and that way for me was to do it
not saying that people who are not artist cannot love or appreciate or understand but i'm on a search for something that can be explained or is concrete, the truth


Anonymous said...

i lov how u paint Larry

amber said...

fast comment nice to hear from you larry